The time of our lives…

We had the time of our lives at Lobo Peak Outfitters! We had a large Group of 8 hunters and they catered to our every need.  From generators purring all night long for sleep apnea machines, to great food and friends!
It was some of the most beautiful country we had ever seen along with some of the best hunting. This was a very organized operation and we can’t wait to go back!

Some of my best hunting experiences…

I’ve been hunting with Lobo Peak for 13 years now. It’s one of the only hunts that I never change each year.

I’ve had some of my best hunting experiences there and my success rate is the highest out of any outfitter I have used around the world.

Top notch guides and a superb cook…

If you’re looking for a big, block headed black bear and want to enjoy home cooked meals and fresh pastries then you need to contact Cody Payne, owner of Lobo Peak Outfitters and arrange a trip to central British Columbia to enjoy the uninterrupted beauty of the area.

Top notch guides and a superb cook await you at camp where you’ll be treated to a relaxing, fun-filled adventure.  Expect to see lots of bears (10-15/day is not uncommon)and listen to stories about infamous bears that roamed/still roam the area.

I’ve hunted with Lobo Peak Outfitters (moose and bear) twice and have been successful both trips.  My only regret is that I can not hunt with Cody and his A-Team every year!

The hunt of a lifetime…

I had THE Hunt of a Lifetime on my first ever bear hunt with Cody Payne of Lobo Peak Guides and Outfitters.  Cody was patient and gave initial instructions on what to do/expect as we worked to spot-and-stalk.  He worked diligently to put us on the bears every day, yet not impede on his other guides or the other hunters.  Our days were filled with beautiful scenery, seeing lots of bears, lots of laughs and stories, and fantastic food at camp!  All the guides are great and very helpful.  I ended up with a nice bear my first day of the hunt, and another trophy 7’5” black bear the third day!  If a bear hunt is on your bucket list, I HIGHLY recommend you get up to see Cody and his crew at Lobo Peak!

Questions? Ready to book your hunt?

Lobo Peak Outfitters would like to offer you a hunting trip of a lifetime. Contact us today for booking and hunt information. Call 1.250.640.9584 to reserve your dates now.