Stony Camp

Stony camp is our main camp located on Stefen creek just off of Stony lake. Our log cabin has a large eating area and comfortable lounging space around the wood stove. We have 4 guest cabins with wood stoves and beds to sleep up to 4 people.

Each group will have their own cabin. Behind the main cabin there is a shower house with hot and cold running water and a flush toilet. We have a large skinning shed with a walk in cooler to take care of hunter’s meat. We use a generator to run the lights and charge any cameras or other equipment you may need on your hunt.

Neck Lake Camp

Neck lake camp is our newest camp nestled in the woods all alone located right on the shore of Neck Lake. The comfortable main cabin boasts indoor plumbing with hot shower, large eating area and cozy gathering space for hunters before during and following their days hunt.

This camp is a modern new constructions with a rustic appeal. There is three insulated guest cabins that sleep four each with wood stoves for heat. This is our main accommodations for early spring bear as well as deer and winter cat hunts. The lake is abundant with rainbow trout for fishing all year.